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Our Goals

At LitLou our mission is to provide quality 3d printed models and miniatures to the hobby crafters and gamers out there. If there is a model you want to get your hands on please let us know. We work with many different designers and we may be able to help you come up with what you're looking for. If it does not already exist we may be able to help you connect with someone who can do a comission.

Potential Company Partnerships

If you are searching for a way to distribute your 3D printable product, please email to get in contact with our team. We will consider all opportunities but have certain requirements that must be met. 

1. Your design must be available on a file hosting service, as a backup precaution for file/hardware failure. Common acceptable options include but are not limited to Myminifactory, Gumroad, and Google Drive.

2. Your design must either be supportless or pre-supported. Or discounted to account for the time we will spend supporting your models. We can provide the supported versions of the files after we finish, though it would not include a guarantee perfect print for all printers and resins and thus not suitable as a replacement for your own support specialist.

3. It must fall under our specializations. We do not provide useful tools, equipment, hardware replacements  or any utility products. Our focus is on nerd culture models, statues, miniatures and terrain. We specialize in 3d printed table-top game miniatures including proxies for Warhammer 40k, Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder and more!